Entry #1

My future with art...

2014-09-09 00:51:57 by Mahjix

I haven't made it public just yet but for a quick update:

I've given up art.

There may be a very small chance that I'll actually post something but it will be far from often (it has already been a few months since I've posted anything new thus far). There are a billion excuses I could beltch out but it really wouldn't make a lick of difference.


Thanks to those who have supported me up until this point; it's been a blast.


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2014-09-09 02:10:44

This is unfortunate news, but I assume it's for the best. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, I am sure you have inspired many including myself.

Take care.


2014-09-15 01:55:03

I probably wouldn't care but I realy like your art style. Hope you make up your mind and contribut less frequent but contribiut.
Wish you best luck


2014-09-18 02:35:49

wtf dud why you quite, give me your power if you don't use it anymore lol


2014-09-19 13:41:22

I'm sincerely sad to hear that as you are one of my favorite artists on Newgrounds, what with your style and the emotion you seem to effortlessly capture. I honestly think you could go really far with art if you tried hard enough but I'm sure you have your reasons for quitting. It's been lovely seeing your contributions and I wish you luck with whatever path you're taking.